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World Academy of Design

World Academy of Design is a unique group of companies that will provide educational, technical and business networking support to the Jewellery Industry in the GCC Region

The World Academy of Design (WAOD) is a leading international institution dedicated to providing professional quality education in the field of jewellery and gemology. It serves as a premier destination for jewellery enthusiasts from around the world who are looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in this field. 

At the heart of the academy's success is its specially designed online platform, which provides learners with free software and access to high configuration computers for the training period. This means that students do not need to invest in hardware and software for learning, making it much more accessible to a wider audience. 

In addition to providing high-quality education, the WAOD also offers internship opportunities after the course, allowing students to gain practical experience in the field. This gives learners a chance to apply their newly acquired skills in a professional setting and build their portfolio. 

Furthermore, the academy also helps students find employment if they need it and provides support in starting their own business in case they want to start their own brand. This makes WAOD a one-stop destination for students who want to learn, grow, and succeed in the jewellery design industry. 

Overall, the World Academy of Design is a pioneer in providing comprehensive education and support to students in the field of jewellery and gemology. Its focus on professional quality education, specially designed online platform, internship opportunities, and employment support makes it an ideal choice for anyone who is serious about pursuing a career in jewellery design. The academy has quickly become a leader in the industry and will continue to shape the future of jewellery design for years to come.





Revolutionize the boundaries of Jewellery designing by using the latest technology in designing and manufacturing.

  • As Fashion and Jewellery are getting more and more competitive, we want to incorporate the latest technology to make the jewellery business more effective and successful.

  • We aim to recognize, train and reward outstanding talent with an eye for the future growth of the Jewellery Industry. This is why we aspire to discover talent from across the world who has a taste for unique Jewellery designing & to introduce them to one of the Prime design hubs of the world, Dubai.

  • Organizing "World Jewellery Design Competition" from DUBAI.


Committed to the growth of budding Jewellery designers.


WAOD is committed to working for the growth of budding Jewellery designers who have a passion for Jewellery but do not get an opportunity to explore or develop their talent. In the journey so far, we have attained the following activities:


  • Supporting trained designers to get employment or internship.

  • Connecting students with manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Helping students connect with prospective buyers through participation in trade shows and other Jewellery events. 



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