World Academy of Design

World Academy of Design is a unique group of companies that will provide educational, technical and business networking support to the Jewellery Industry in the GCC Region

Jewellery is a Luxury sector that is always fascinating. Even during a crisis, the value of Jewellery and the desire to own beautiful pieces have never gone down. This is also why Jewellery designing has become such a lucrative career option.
The middle east has always been known as the hub of Jewellery. People in the region are eternally on a quest to find new, unique and innovative designs. The World Academy of Design (WAOD) is a solution to the quest of teaching enthusiasts and zealous learners the art of carving out the world’s finest pieces from the comfort of their homes.


“The WAOD is a fully Global online and offline platform and attracts international students to the UAE for real-time experience in Jewellery Designing. With an aim of establishing Dubai as a Global hub for Jewellery design and manufacturing.
The academy offers a range of courses, such as a Diploma in 3D Designing on multiple -award-winning software called MATRIXGOLD & Certified Jewellery professional Diploma that includes the latest developments in Diamond, Color stone and retail Jewellery Domains.


Within 2 years of Launch, WAOD has trained more than 300 Jewellery professionals across the globe many of them already started working with renowned companies & most of the others are working on launching their own Brands. WAOD provides the required knowledge and opportunity to make their dreams come true.

WAOD is the Authorized Educational Partner of Gemvision USA and an exclusive authorized dealer for MATRIXGOLD software in the Middle east region.

WAOD is developed by a team of experienced Jewellers who have more than 30 years of experience in multiple domains of the Jewellery Industry. The team has more than 20 International Jewellery Design Awards. The experience and knowledge will be highly beneficial for the budding designers who will join our courses in various disciplines.