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Our online trainings are equally interactive as class room trainings. Using latest technology we monitor the designers work every minute and guide at every step. 

Online training connects you with fellow class mates from around the world and save the time to travel too.

Student and Teacher at the Computer


Physical trainings are available on request. Whether in group or one-on-one Private training. Visit visa and travel arrangements can be assisted by academy travel team for students willing to travel for onsite trainings or manufacturing courses.

Study Group


Customized courses can be designed as per the specific requirement of a company for training of their employees. This training can be online or at their location, world wide. 

Private Tutor


Our academy access more than 300 videos of 3D CAD courses on MatrixGold. Additional training video can be provided on demand for regular training of employees of any company as per specific training required.


Digital Manufacturing Courses

Recommended for Starters

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Level 1
Quick Start CAD Basic Course

The Quick start CAD design professional  course is designed to give a Quick start to Freshers in Jewellery Industry. 

This course covers the commands, tools, available in the software and detailed designing on Gold. Explore the possibilities of designing on gold by using various textures, surface modelling and Jaali commands on plain gold. Best for plain gold Jewellery manufacturers.

Duration: 8 days / 3 hrs / day / Free software access

Certificate: Letter of Completion

Fee: AED 3500.00 + VAT / $1,025

Level 2 Intermediate CAD Professional

Successful designers from Level -1 will be eligible to join Level -2.

Learning about how to use Gemstones in Jewellery and Render as real pieces.

Properties of gemstones and diamonds, using various types of stones & setting techniques.

Learn how to Create customized gemstones in the computer, setting them on various types of surfaces.

Learn the International standards of manufacturing and terminology for various types of gem settings.

Duration: 8 days / 3 hrs / day / Free software access

Certificate: Intermediate CAD Professional Certificate

Fee: AED 4500.00 + VAT / $1,330.00


Level 3 Advanced CAD Professional

The advanced CAD Course is the last level for professional CAD designers. The course covers making complicated ornaments, using advanced commands to fine-tune the design with comfort fitting, creating intricate linking in various types of ornaments for high flexibility, deep technical knowledge of Jewellery manufacturing, 3D Printing in detail, graphics design skills for social media promotion and above all creating the stunning video animations of your designs.

This course will equip the designer with all aspects of Jewellery business, including sales, purchase, marketing, trade secrets and help them to start a Brand of their own.

Duration: 12 days / 3 hrs / day / Free software access

Certificate: Intermediate CAD Professional Certificate.

Fee: AED 6000.00 + VAT/ $1800.00

CLAYOO Certificate 

Sculpting and organic designing skills are required to fine tune some unusual designs. Clayoo is one of the best & easy to learn software to give extra fine effects on special jewellery articles. Your Jewellery designing skills are incomplete without learning Clayoo.

Clayoo is inbuilt in MatrixGold and designs can be directly shared to clayoo within the matrix software.

Duration: 5 days / 3 hrs / day / Free software access

Certificate: Organic Modelling Artisan Certificate.

Fee: AED 2500.00 +VAT/ $750.00

Skill Development Courses

Recommended for Retailers & Manufacturer

Latest developments and technical knowledge on all aspects of the Jewellery business for retailers & Manufacturers

Skilled Jewellery Professional Course

Executive's Essential Course

This course is specially developed for business owners considering the importance of their time and technical knowledge required to run the business. We cover technical essentials of manufacturing, CAD, Retail sales, Purchase, mine to market process, 3D printing, design development, key features of the latest technology and international manufacturing standards are taught.

Duration: 5 days / 1 hr / alternate day | Certificate: SJP Certificate.

Fee: AED 1550 + VAT / $ 450. 00

Loose Diamond Sorting Course

Handling loose diamonds in a professional way is essential for the safety and security of goods.

The course is designed for setters, managers, sorters and all employees handling diamonds in the factory or office.

Counting, Packaging, weighing, sieving, and grading as per size, cut, shape & colour are taught with all necessary equipment.

Duration: 1 day / 3 hrs

Certificate: Expert Diamond Sorter

CGP-1 Fee: AED 1550 + VAT / $ 450. 00 (handbook included)

Color stone grading & sorting Course

Handling colour stones requires special training for handling stock and avoiding unwanted wastage of goods. The course is designed for setters, managers, miners, sorters and all employees handling coloured gemstones in the factory or office.

Counting, Packaging, weighing, sieving, and grading as per size, cut, shape & colour with all equipment.

Duration: 1 day / 5 hrs | Certificate Expert Color stone Sorter

CGP-1 Fee: AED 2050.00 + VAT / $570. 00

4K Photography Kit (with training)

Do you face challenges in photographing your jewellery in daily routine ? Learn Jewellery and Gemstone photography with complete portable photography kit that you can even use in the car. Tent, rotator, LED, speaker, base, power bank,tripod, extra lights, backgrounds, macro lense, phone stand etc. included.

Duration: 1 day / 5 hrs

Certificate: Expert Jewellery Photographer

CGP-1 Fee: AED 1950.00 / $540. 00 (Complete Equipment kit included)

Post Production Course

Exclusive course for Business owners and CAD Designers to understand and experience the complete process of manufacturing and finishing after casting the jewellery. Details of setting, polishing, quality control and assembling are important for a CAD designer to incorporate the components of a design more successfully.

Duration: 5 days / 5 hrs / day (On premises)

Certificate: PP Expert- Certificate

PP-E Fee: AED14600.00 / $ 4000. 00 (Includes tools & silver samples)

MGv3 B_edited_edited.jpg

Certified Jewellery professional Courses

Gemology & Diamond knowledge in a new consolidated prospect for business owners and designers

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Diamond Professional (CDP-1 & CDP-2)

Learning the top 10 skills of the Diamond trade is a "must-learn" for every Jewellery professional. This innovative and comprehensive course is designed keeping in mind the core skills for a business owner, incorporating the latest technologies and development in the trade.

Duration: 2 days / 3 hrs/day

Certificate: CDP Certificate.

CDP-1 Fee: AED 1550+ VAT/ $ 450. 00

CDP-2 Fee: $ 750. 00 (equipment kit Included)

Certified Gemstone Professional-1 (CGP-1)

Learning the properties and appearance of 250 popular gemstones is the outcome of CGP-1. Terms of trade, mine-to-market process, cutting polishing and even common treatments done on

gemstones are discussed in detail, along with pictures and a video explanation of all stones.

Duration: 2 days / 3 hrs/day

Certificate: CGP-1 Certificate

CGP-1 Fee: AED 1550.00 / $450. 00 (handbook included)

Certified Gemstone Professional- CGP-2 & 3

CGP-2 is focused on knowledge, details and identification of 100 popular gemstones regularly used in business. A professional Gemological kit, along with a set of 25 natural gemstones, is provided for practical learning. Level -3 is learning micro details and full training on professional mobile LAB equipment, making it a unique course in the 21st century.

Duration: 5 days / 3 hrs/day (each level)

Certificate: CGP-2 & CGP -3 (Diploma Certificate)

CGP-2 Fee: AED 10620 / $2950. 00 (Equipment & 50 Gemstones inc.

CGP-3 Fee: AED 27,450 / $7500. 00 (Pro. Lab Equipment included)

Retail Jewellery Professional (RJP)

Earn knowledge about Metal properties, combinations & Valuation. Learning about retail sales techniques and handling of Jewellery for sale, purchase, repair, export or transport are covered in RJP. This course marks the complete learning for any professional starting Jewellery business.

Duration: 2 days / 3 hrs / day

Certificate: RJP-1 Certificate

RJP-1 Fee:

AED 1550.00 / $450. 00

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