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World Academy of Design

World Academy of Design is a unique group of companies that provides educational, technical and business networking support to the Jewellery Industry in the GCC Region, Licensed as Arab Design World LLC -UAE

Experience the world of Jewellery Education

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World Academy of Design

World Academy of Design brings the innovative courses for Jewellery professionals and Jewellery enthusiasts about fascinating Gemstones, Diamonds, Gem Identification, valuation, international Jewellery manufacturing standards and various skills related to Jewellery industry, which were untouched till now by any institution.

Excellence in Jewellery Education

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Learn from the experts

Learn the fundamentals of professional jewellery manufacturing and design, in the most technically comprehensive and practical beginner's jewellery design and manufacuturing course.

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Learn from professionals in the Jewellery Industry

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Journey to Mastery

Professional qualifications

Designers, artists and jewellery professionals from around the world Join the World Academy of Design to achieve its comprehensive qualifications in the design field.

Become a Connoisseur


Learn Jewellery Arts

Connect with the founders

Tarun Jain

Managing Director

Tarun Jain has over 30 years experience in the field of jewellery. Today he is a qualified gemlogist, gem valuation expert, diamond grader, restoration expert and CAD jewellery manufacturing specialist.

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Mahima Verma

Chief Executive Officer

Mahima Verma has over 12 years experience 3D Design, Diamond Grading, Design Developer and AJP-GIA. She has won more than 10 international Jewellery Design Awards in designing and manufacturing jewellery over the years. 

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The World Jewellery Design Competition
A Rewarding Lighthouse Platform for Jewellery designers

What's New on WADA


Out of all 300 Designs submitted for the contest, on Monday, February 13, 2023, the jury members selected the 100 best designs, which will proceed to phase two. These candidates will present their designs in 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) format for the 2nd round of judgement in June. Where the top 5 designers from each category will be selected and sent for actual manufacturing. Finally, the first year grand finale will take place in October – Nov 2023 at a grand ceremony in Dubai awarding 42 world-class designers.




World Academy of Design is the authorized educational Partner of Gemvision USA for 3D Design training and an exclusive authorized dealer for MATRIXGOLD software in the Middle east region. MATRIXGOLD is the pioneer software for the whole Jewellery Industry around the globe.

Useful for Manufacturer

MatrixGold is a treasure of skills for Manufacturers. The main features are parametric history, custom designing tools, unusual textures, and Innovative design experience. Designers can create a virtual inventory with unlimited alterations, Instant changes, varieties of one concept, complete evaluation, effortless 3d printing and easy operations.

Useful for Designer

The incomparable features of MatrixGold make it the best friend for a Fine Jewellery designer. Instant design creation, easy design tracing, an inbuilt design library, Unlimited graphics capability, Real life rendering, Instant valuation, custom gem creation, advanced textures and Jaali are a few highlights of the many innovative capabilities of the program.

Useful for Retailer

MatrixGold is the best tool to convert every customer into a confirmed sale. Customised on-the-spot designing as per customers' liking is great to satisfy any customer looking for ready or custom jewellery at a retail store. Especially high-end customers are satisfied with brands using high levels of technology.

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Some of our prestigious Clients

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