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IM By Israa Mansour

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Our graduate, Israa Mansour, launched her brand after completing all three levels (1,2,3) of the 3D CAD design course on Matrix Gold with us in August 2021. Israa is a creative fine jewellery designer and a modern design aesthetics. Her brand "IM", named after her name, was founded in 2022 and is situated in Dubai. Her creative pieces are always a result of a joint effort between the designer and the user, ensuring her design connects and meets the desire/description of the end-user.

She has created pieces of jewellery using up to 18k gold and set with precious stones. Most of her designs are initiated to reach customer satisfaction before final production by professional artisans in Dubai and then shipped to her customers.

She also leverages her social media handle ( and website ( to market, receive client orders, and ship worldwide.

We encourage you to patronize her services.

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