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Special Offer in *Photography Kit* with the 21 tools

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Our Istanbul Jewelry Show Special Offer in *Photography Kit* comes with the tools to present your ready piece quickly.

✅ Portable Photo Studio with LED lights

✅ Additional Led Lights for special effects.

✅ Multiple colour backgrounds

✅ Multiple photo shoot environment

✅ Rechargeable / battery operated Turntable

✅ Gemstone stands / props

✅ Tripod for Camera & Mobile phone

✅ Clay for invisible photography

✅ Completely USB Powered

✅ Shoot at any location

✅ Digital Camera Support

✅ Mobile Device Compatible Camera Lens

Click here to Pre-order or visit

Feel free to call us for more info: +971-502942284 | +971 566-564296

Come, connect, and explore our special packages for the show!

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