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3D Jaali ring in Gold with Ruby and emerald gems made by matrixgold software

MATRIXGOLD CAD Software Full commercial license

Introducing MATRIXGOLD, the award winning Jewellery designing software used by 99% of jewellery manufacturers in the world.


1. Product Features: The key features of MatrixGold software are dynamic CAD tools, parametric history, photographic rendering capabilities, and compatibility with various file formats for import and export of 3d file.


2.Benefits: Benifits of using MatrixGold software-  Streamlines your jewelry design process, improves design accuracy, and saves time and resources.


3. Customisation: MatrixGold can be 100% customised to the specific needs of jewelry designers and manufacturers. Parameters, output, library and analysis reports can be customised as per your company process and requirements.


4. Ease of Use: With user-friendly interface and intuitive tools available in MatrixGold, its easy for designers to create intricate jewelry designs.


5. Technical Support: Complete technical support and training resources are available Locally as well as online with direct Gemvision USA technical support team, to assist users in getting the most out of the software. Online video library with 300 detailed videos of every command is available for all user.


6. Compatibility: MatrixGold is fully compatibility with other design tools used for further processing of design, like 3D printing, animation, Graphic designing, live rendering and various jewelelry production processes.


7. Customer Testimonials: Designers who have previously worked on Matrix 9 say " we never opened matrix 9 in 1 year, since we started using Matrixgold" . Business owners claim " The production has become significantly faster, after we shifted all designers to MatrixGold


8. Pricing and Licensing Options: Cost of 1st commercial License for any indevidual or company is US $ 6000 (VAT and admin charges applicable). Consicutive licenses purchase will enjoy additional discounts with every purchase. 


9. Loyalty Discount: All previous owners of Matrix 7,8,9 or Rhino Gold will be entitled for a Loyalty Discount on purchase of MatrixGold, against same number of license that they own. 


10. Student Discount: Students enrolled in "World Academy of Design" courses will be entitled to purchase fully functional MatrixGold License for a period of 6 months @ $ 295. only. (VAT and admin charges applicable) Further student License can be converted in full Lifetime commercial License which will cost US $ 4000.(+VAT)

  • MatrixGold Bundle

    One License of MatrixGold is good for use by one person only. The package includes one Full Lifetime valid License of - latest version of MatrixGold software and Rhino software (Rhino 8.5) and Clayoo along with Rendering and 3D Print support features.

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