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Our online training promises to be highly productive with PC remote control features.

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Our offline training is held at our satellite location in Dubai .

Study Group


We are available to train group of individuals or company staffs  in the jewellery industry

Private Tutor


You can book a private training at your convenient time. Highly recommended for working class.


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Level 1 Quick Start CAD Professional

The Quick start CAD design professional  course is designed to give a Quick start to Freshers in Jewellery Industry. Designing various types of ornaments in Gold and using pearls is the best output for this level.

Duration:   8 days / 3 hrs / day / 1 month access to MG

Certificate:  Letter of Completion - BASIC course Matrix Gold.

Contact us today with any specific questions or for more information.

The course fee for Level 1 training is AED 3500 + VAT

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Level 2 Intermediate 
CAD Professional

Our Intermediate level CAD design course is based on use of Diamonds and Gemstones in Jewellery. Successful designers from Level -1 will be eligible to join this course.

Duration:    8 days / 3 hrs / day / 1 month access to MG

Certificate:  Intermediate CAD Professional Certificate

The ICPC Course has been a great fit for those who are working on fine Jewellery with Diamonds & Gemstones. If this is what you’re looking for, make sure to sign up today in next batch of our Basic CAD course, then only you can enter the Intermediate course. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more.

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Level 3 Advanced CAD Professional

Advanced CAD Course is the last level for professional CAD designers. Course covers making complicated ornaments, using advanced commands to fine tune the design with comfort fitting, creating intricate linking for high flexibility, deep technical knowledge of Jewellery manufacturing, 3D Printing in detail, graphics skills and above all the Animations to create stunning videos of your designs virtually.

These tools will make this course a must have for every designer who wants to create a Brand of their own.

Duration:   12 days,  3 hrs / day / 3 month individual License free

Certificate:  Advanced CAD Professional - Certificate

Curious to learn more about this program? Get in touch with our admissions office, they’ll be happy to help. After completing level 3 the Designers are eligible to purchase a student License from Gemvision at a discounted price of US $ 300.00 this will be valid for 6 months.

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Recommended for Aspiring Jewellery Explorers

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Level 1 Jewellery Manufacturing Course

Learn all fundamental, essential, and basics in jewellery manufacturing 

Digital Jewellery Manufacturing Post Production Course

Learn the fundamentals of professional jewellery manufacturing and design, in the most technically comprehensive and practical beginner's jewellery design.


Certified Gemstone Professional (CGP-2)

The SUCCESS of any business depends on how deeply you understand your business. World Academy of Design is constantly Introducing innovative courses on various important aspects of Jewellery business .


What you will achieve:

History and properties, buying and selling aspects, buying sources and mining sources.

What You will Learn:

  • History of Natural Gemstones and their relevance in Jewellery.

  • Chemical & Physical Properties of Stones.

  • Precautions and Care of Gemstones.

  • Process of mining and cutting, polishing, carving of stones.

  • Certification and Value of various stones.

  • Common imitations of Gemstones in the market.

  • Astrology , Birthstone, Healing and medicinal values of Gemstones.

  • Pearls & their variety. Various types of pearls and their insight.

  • Techniques of selling Gemstones to a customer.

  • Secrets of buying Gemstones from a supplier. 

  • Rare Gemstones and their value. - Identifying an antique Gemstone.

  • Extra celestial Gems and Meteorites.

  • World Famous and Historic Gemstones.


This Unique course of WAOD is packed with Practical delivery of knowledge by Videos, Graphics and presentations. Live demonstration of handling Gemstones.


Exciting Videos will explain every aspect of Gemstone mining, Cutting, Polishing process, Trading and Jewellery Manufacturing.


Register on link in BIO to block your seat or message us on the numbers to get immediate registration link +971566564296 +971502942284

Retail Jewellery Professional

Horiz Jewlry.jpg

Learn the most important features and facts about most types of International Jewellery ornaments in popular international markets. Metal properties, combinations & Valuation. Retail sales techniques and handling of Jewellery for retail or wholesale store are some important aspects of this course.

Duration:      3 days,  2 hrs / day

Certificate:  Jewellery Professional Certificate Course

Curious to learn more about this program? Get in touch with our admissions office, they’ll be happy to help.

Diamond Professional


The Billion years old Gem - Diamond , always fascinates every customer with its brilliance and value. Full of interaction, video's and valuable information, this course is a must for every Diamond retailer & Jewellery designer. 
Duration:      3 days,  2 hrs / day
Certificate:  Certified Jewellery Professional
Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more.

Certified Gemstone Professional (CGP-1)


This  Basic Gemology course is recommended for Gem Enthusiast "CGP - Certified Gemstone Professional."


The Level -1. course provide a strong base for your knowledge about most common precious & semi precious Gemstones used in the Jewellery trade across the world.

What You will Learn:

  • Level -1 will cover the Basic knowledge of all common and popular Gemstones.

  • Names and pictures of Gemstones - Various shapes and colors available for each stone.

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