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Prepare and register ahead before March 2023 for Advanced Executive Manufacturing Course

Advanced Executive Course Jewellery Manufacturing - Post Production. Click here to register:

Advanced Executive Manufacturing is a specially designed course for Business executives, CAD Designers, Freelance designers with in-house workshops, and Jewellery retailers who outsource their jewellery manufacturing.

Outcome: Expert manufacturing skills learned will help in improving designing aesthetics. The course will include all jewellery finishing processes and quality control performed after the casting process is complete. Starting from the casted piece of Jewellery, clipping, filing, finishing, assembling various parts, linking, setting stones, enamelling, and surface textures (Sandblasting, brush finish, satin finish, hammer or melted finish etc.) will be part of learning during the course to achieve the highest quality standard of fine Jewellery.

Once finishing is complete the students will learn the process of various stages of polishing and cleaning processes before the final mirror polish or matt finish is achieved. In the case of white gold, Rose Gold or Yellow gold, the different types of electroplating will also be done by each student on various types of jewellery articles. Achieving the highest finish while minimising the wastage of precious metal is the most important part of this learning. Knowledge of the latest equipment for each process is also explained in practice.

Finally, the Quality control methods will be explained in detail, along with solutions to most problems faced during manufacturing processes. Sometimes, a post-production repair is also required when the final piece is accidentally damaged or develops a flaw just before the final step. This course is a must-do course if you are dealing with high-quality Diamond or colour stone studded jewellery in 22k, 18k or 14k. If you are dealing with metals like white gold, yellow gold or Platinum, this course will help you resolve issues most people learn after 20 years of experience.

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