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Highlights for WADA Awards 2nd Judges Conference Held in JCK SHOW Las Vegas

WADA Awards 2nd Judges Conference Held in JCK SHOW Las Vegas to Promote Jewellery Exports from UAE Las Vegas, Nevada -

The World Jewellery Design Awards (WADA) recently held its 2nd Judges Conference at the JCK Las Vegas Jewellery trade show. The conference brought together jewellery industry experts and designers worldwide to evaluate the top 100 Design entries based on CAD design for this year's WADA competition. Organized by the UAE-based Jewellery education institution, World Academy of Design, the WADA awards, in association with Dubai Jewellery Group (DJG), aims to showcase the best of global Jewellery designs and promote Jewellery exports from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The competition is designed to bring talents from around the world on one platform and allow them to showcase their talent. By doing so, the competition has helped designers create their designs in CAD using the latest technology, which they cannot access in their native country or can't afford. Thus providing favourable conditions to design and manufacture in Dubai. This will establish DUBAI as the jewellery design capital of the world. This will also be instrumental in raising the profile of the UAE's Jewellery industry. The competition has positioned the country as a hub for creative and innovative Jewellery design, attracting some of the world's leading jewellery designers to participate.

The conference in Las Vegas featured keynote speeches from leading Jewellery industry figures & UAE Government officials, The judges evaluated hundreds of entries across various categories, including line Jewellery, formal jewellery, and bridal Jewellery.

'We are delighted to have held the 2nd Judges Conference for the WADA Awards at UAE Pavilion in JCK show Las Vegas," said Mohammad Ali Al Kamali, Deputy CEO of Dubai Industries and Exports. "The conference has enabled us to bring together some of the most talented and innovative designers worldwide to showcase their work and exchange ideas. We believe that events like this are crucial in promoting the growth of the Jewellery industry and driving exports from the UAE."

The winners of the WADA competition will be announced at a glittering awards ceremony to be held later this year in Dubai. The competition is expected to attract entries from the world's leading jewellery designers, further cementing UAE's reputation as a global centre for excellence in jewellery design.

For more information about the WADA Awards World Academy of Design, please visit &

Contact: Mahima Verma, CEO & Co-Founder World Academy of Design

Phone: +971 502942284 Email:

This press release highlights the key points about the WADA Awards, the 2nd Judges Conference held at JCK Las Vegas on 3rd June 2023. and the benefits of the competition for promoting jewellery exports from UAE. It also provides contact information for anyone who wants to learn more about the WADA Awards and the World Academy of Design.

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