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Quick start 3d CAD Online Course

Registration is now available for the Next online CAD course in May. Click on link to register.

An Innovative course for Learning Jewellery Designing from the start

Learn the best and the latest software for designing Jewellery in 3D. Get ready for Intensive 8 days of Training. Level 1 training will include: Designing Gold jewelry on MatrixGold - V3 software, which includes the following details : Introduction to the world of 3D design 1. Location and features of all Commands of MatrixGold v 3 2. Basic concepts of 3d Design 3. How to develop and prepare a sketch for 3d Design 4. Apply different commands on Gold. Making Gold Jewellery 5. Various textures and surface finish on Gold 6. Learning the Tools of CAD design 7. Introduction of Gemstones and precious metals 8. Handling techniques of Gemstones and Diamonds for designing 9. Precious metal Properties for designing & manufacturing Jewellery 10. International Jewellery manufacturing standards for Jewellery Level 1 Training is also good for you if you have no knowledge about Jewellery or design. This is the first step in the 3d and Jewellery Industry. Register now to Quickly start your Jewellery career. The course Fee is AED 3500 + vat (US $ 1025)

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