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WADA Award Special Report - CONFERENCE, and Activity timelines

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

March - April 2023: Shortlisted designs required to prepare in 3D CAD

May- June 2023: 2nd Phase of Judgement & Top 5 will be announced in Las Vegas & Designs will be shared with the sponsors for manufacturing

September 2023: Manufactured pieces to be submitted in DUBAI for the final round of Judgement

Image: Mr. Tamjid Abdullah Deputy CEO Jawhara Jewellery

The WADA platform will mentor designers who do not reach the next level, to help develop their skills for next year participation.

The Award is proudly supported by notable dignitaries in the Jewellery industry. These includes personalities like Mr Tawhid Abdullah (Chairman of Dubai Jewellery Group & Jawhara Jewellery), H.E. Ms. Laila Suhail (Chairperson - Marketing Committee - Dubai Jewellery Group) and Mr. Mohammed Kamali (Deputy CEO at Dubai Industries & Exports).

The WADA Award panel of judges are internationally notable personnel's in the Jewellery industries. These jury members include Tamjid Abdullah from the UAE; Evan Caplan from the USA; Paola De Luca from Italy: Katerina Perez of France; Marco Carniello from Italy; Oriol Collelldemont from Spain; Ann Ong from the Philippines; Costa Elhreich from Lebanon; Tarun Jain from India and Mahima Verma from India.

Other stakeholders and manufacturers in the Jewellery industry have also shown interest in sponsoring the production of some best designs.

WADA Awards is now programmed to be a yearly open opportunity for designers. The round design submission and selection process has been forecasted to create a new benchmark in creativity in Jewellery design worldwide. The WADA platform will introduce many activities from now on in promoting creative designs, industry workshops, and research.

After the selections were made, on 25th February 2023, Team WADA Awards conducted a seminar for shortlisted candidates in phase 1 of the WADA Awards.

This seminar explains the process of entering Phase 2 of the competition. Most of the shortlisted designers participated online via zoom.

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