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You can now Register ahead for Certified Gemstone Professional CGP

The SUCCESS of any business depends on how deeply you understand your business. World Academy of Design is constantly Introducing innovative courses on various important aspects of the Jewellery business.

What You Will Get: - Professional equipment for Gem testing (3x handheld magnifier microscope). - 3x polariscope. - Equipment kit for Gemstone Professional. - Set of fifty natural Gemstones. - One reference book - Practical Identification of Gemstone (online). - Identify rough Gemstones. ​

What You Will Learn: ​ - History and sources of Natural Gemstones and their relevance in Jewellery. - Chemical & Physical Properties of Stones. - Precautions and Care of Gemstones. - Process of mining and cutting, polishing, and carving of stones. - Certification and Value of various stones. - Common imitations of Gemstones in the market. - Astrology, Birthstone, Healing and medicinal values of Gemstones. - Pearls & their variety. Various types of pearls and their insight. - Techniques of selling Gemstones to a customer. - Secrets of buying Gemstones from a supplier. - Rare Gemstones and their value. - Identifying an antique Gemstone. - Extra celestial Gems and Meteorites. - World Famous and Historic Gemstones.

Duration: 3 days, 2 hrs/day Certificate: Jewellery Professional Certificate Course. ​

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